She radiates kindness and understanding while also pushing her students in new directions

“I’ve been taking Kartini’s classes for about nine months now, and let me tell you, she is an absolute gift. She radiates kindness and understanding while also pushing her students in new directions, and also it’s a hell of a workout. So lucky to have found her.”

David Crabtree
She always share some words of wisdom, contemplation throughout my day.

“I believe Kartini’s classes is one of that most people will find to be calming for your yoga experience , leaving you feeling content. She always share some words of wisdom, contemplation throughout my day.”

I highly recommend Kartini as an instructor and friend.

“Kartini is a blessing in my life. I have been a member of Veda Yoga for a few years and have been practicing with Kartini for a year now. She is very thoughtful in her approach and always suggests that students listen to their bodies or move into a more comfortable pose if any sequence is too difficult. She has the best playlists and I love the personal affirmations that She shares with the class. I look forward to her morning classes that have been a foundation for me and my happiness in life. She is a pure light of joy.

Tracey Carangelo
I look forward to seeing her and would recommend everyone to her.

“Being in Kartini’s yoga class is a pure delight! her spirit is so sweet and kind. I love her lighthearted yet spiritual approach because it keeps the class upbeat and fun. I look forward to seeing her and would recommend everyone to her.”

XO, Mary
I would recommend Kartini as a teacher to anyone , whether beginner or advances.

“Kartini is a wonderful teacher who really makes an effort to meet the individual needs of her students, both physically and spiritually. She assessed the mood and energy of her class and guides the practice accordingly. I always leave her classes feeling positive and energized. I started practicing with Kartini some time away from my yoga mat, and at a new studio in a new city, so I wasn’t very confident in my strength or abilities, but I felt very comfortable with Kartini- she is kind and puts her students at ease. I find myself returning to her classes again dan gain because they really make me feel wonderful! ”

Dr. Aoife Frances Brady
Kartini has been one of the very best at merging the physical , mental and spiritual aspects of exercise

“As someone who has been practicing vinyasa for the past 5 years, I can happily say that Kartini has been one of the kindest,most positive, and most challenging instructors I have been lucky to practice with. She always greets me with an upbeat attitude, encourages me to push myself to the edge during class, and makes me look forward to the next session. There have been plenty of times when I have arrived before class with an extremely tight lower back and hips, or after a stressful day at work, and her personally-tailored flows and energetic instruction have relaxed my body and mind alike. She has a great sense of humor, and can’t get me to smile even when we are working on tough core section that I would otherwise prefer to skip. Among all the coaches and trainers I have had throughout a lifetime of sports, and I am certainly happier person because of her !”

Brian Lee
Kartini is a strong and confident teacher and guide

“She encourages students to trust their own body’s wisdom and to go deep into their own practice, while reminding them to be gentle and to “have fun with it”. She checks in with each student as they arrive for class, asking how their body is feeling to determine which poses she might incorporate into that class to tailor it to her students’ needs. her classes are fun and challenging and always provide variety of poses that feels fresh and new each time. Kartini is a deeply spiritual, caring and curious student and teacher of yoga and of life, whose love of the practice and love her students is infectious, joyful and uplifting. ”

Deborah Barron
She is a full pack of energy; uplifting, passionate voice guides students through the class.

“Here is why I keep coming to Kartini’s yoga class: Every class has a theme/intention, either “love”, “truth”, or something that can wake up one’s self-consciousness. She usually plants the seeds of intention in the beginning of the class and has us meditating on it through the entire yoga section. I, as part of her class, get boost up by her forever sunshine smiling and motivated by her vocal guidance throughout the vinyasa flow or moving meditation ( that’s how she calls it ). My body and mind feel rejuvenated and free after the class. Her class is my stress relief and my “ME” time.”

I always leave her class feeling rejuvenated and accomplished

“Kartini’s yoga flows are always the perfect blend of challenging vinyasa flow and opportunities to slow down and stretch. As someone who is seeking to grow my practice, I love that Kartini offers up-level options to challenge me, and enjoy the hands-on adjustments near the end of class. I always leave her class feeling rejuvenated and accomplished.”

Tracy Thang
Her positive energy and upbeat music make class fun

“If you are looking for a yoga practice that brings everything together-physical,mental, and spiritual – look no further than Kartini. I have been practicing with Kartini for a few years now, and she is truly an amazing teacher. Her class style is a perfect mix of strong flows balance with deep stretching and gentle massage and meditation. I always leave feeling strong and centered, ready to take on my day. Thank you Kartini !”

Rachel Lurie
I can’t help but feel joyful in her presence.

“I have been practicing with Kartini for the past couple of years and in that time, she has become my favorite yoga instructor. Her classes are challenging and rejuvenating. She pushes her students while still making everyone feel safe and welcome. Beyond her excellent skills as an instructor, what makes her special is her grounding, positive energy. If you have the opportunity to take one of Kartini’s classes, you should take it. You’ll be glad you did.”

Kartini is my favorite yoga instructor!

“She makes every class fun and challenging. She is able to cultivate an environment where every student feels confident, no matter their skill level. Any student who takes her class is given the opportunity to grow their practice as much as they see fit. I always leave her class feeling great about my self. Kartini is an inspiring instructor. I am so fortunate to be able to learn from her.”

Each of Kartini’s classes are a gift: uplifting, substantial, and ultimately fulfilling.

“Each of Kartini’s classes are a gift: uplifting, substantial, and ultimately fulfilling. Her workouts are killer, her playlist are soulful, and her adjustments melt you like butter. Whenever I introduce friends to yoga, I always bring them to Kartini’s class. I love her so much, and I am so provided to be her student.”

Thank you, Kartini for sharing your gifts!

“Like happy hour, yoga with Kartini is my favorite time of day. Bright, invigorating, and most of all fun. Joyful spirit is her speciality. A beautiful gift drawing like minds together, and crafting just the right flow bringing every inner goddess liberation. Space. Freedom. Cultivating mindful, peaceful place, exponentially. Always a pleasure.”

XXOO Alexis
Her commitment to the practice is contagious

“I can clearly remember the first practice I shared with Kartini. It was a seven O’clock a.m. class and she was very happy, smiling ear to ear, and wide awake for such an early class. She asked concerned questions about my body, how I was feeling and if there were any particular poses I’d like to concentrate on during our yoga practice. Since our first class together, I don’t believe Kartini has ever asked my name a second time, which is impressive considering the number of students practicing at our studio. Kartini’s sincere, personal yet professional demeanor has continued over the past years. She has inventive, creative flows, I admire, respect and am thankful to be in her class. Moreover, her commitment to the practice is contagious, as is her wonderful sense of humor and ability to laugh at herself. I look forward to continuing to practice with such a beautiful being.”

Her flows are thoughtful and build a steady heat!

“Kartini has a joy and warmth about her that carries her through the world. When you walk in to practice with her, she always asks how your body is feeling today and welcome requests for poses or areas of the body to work into. She incorporates the yoga way of life as a spiritual practice into her classes with invitations to consider yamas and niyamas. It is a blessing to share space, love, light and this practice with her.”

I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy and follow Kartini’s yoga journey

“I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy and follow Kartini’s yoga journey. Although her expertise and knowledge continue to grow, her passion and enthusiasm and love for yoga remains unchanged. If consistency reflects in her enthusiastic and passionate teaching style. Kartini has great respect for Yoga and the students that attend her classes will enjoy unforgettable experience !!”.

Maria Palma
She is a big positive influence for me

“Kartini’s classes are an expression of her beautiful being: loving, sutil and powerful at the same time. Throughout my practice with her and the other teachers at Veda Yoga I can experience a day to day improvement in every aspect of not only the yoga practice, but also in how to apply this presence and mindfulness to life and its challenges.”

Aline Ballestero
Kartini is truly a gifted yoga instructor

“Kartini’s classes are always the perfect mix of playful and challenging. I leave every class of hers sweaty and mentally grounded, which is exactly what I want out of a yoga session! Kartini is truly a gifted yoga instructor.”

Nick Burd
Her energy is bright and her practice warms my day

“Kartini is a patient and wise teacher, who helped me overcome pain after I had carpal tunnel syndrome. She doesn’t put pressure on me to push past my limits. Kartini cares about personalizing her practice to help people, based off of their own struggles with pain or stress. Her energy is bright and her practice warms my day, creating a lasting serenity.”

Hanna Pachman
Kartini has you feeling absolutely energized after her class!

“When it comes to yoga, there are so many choices, but the decision ultimately comes down to the teacher. I chose Kartini Wahyu. Kartini has to be in the top echelon of yoga teachers. Kartini has an inner quality that transcends to her practice. Without pressure, she has the ability to guide her students through their practice and enhance their experience on the mat. Through controlled breathing and targeted poses, Kartini has you feeling absolutely energized after her class. I highly recommend her. ”

Julie Cain
She’s a great teacher and a lovely person!

“I’ve been taking Kartini’s early morning Yogalates class for over a year. She is always bright, positive, encouraging. I particularly love that she reads inspirational quotes in the beginning and end of class. Her concentration keeps the class fully engaged, her directions are clear, her flow is well balanced and challenging. Sometimes we chat a little after class, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know Kartini personally – her commitment to self-growth, and her passion for yoga are contagious. She’s a great teacher and a lovely person.”

Thea Mercouffer
Kartini’s guidance has been central to my development

“I’ve been practicing yoga for two years, and Kartini’s guidance has been central to my development. Her classes are thoughtful and fun at the same time. I always have a delicious day after attending one of her classes!”

Molly Youngkin
How lucky am I to have found such a great Yoga teacher!

“I started taking classes from Kartini at the end of 2016. I was very new to Yoga, not flexible or particularly strong. I found Kartini’s classes to be welcoming for all levels of ability. Her sweet, joyful and nonjudgmental approach is perfect. Every week, Kartini challenges me by focusing on a different pose or flow so that her classes have consistency but never become stale. I have noted that she always seems to be aware of what the other instructors are teaching so that her classes dovetail nicely with the others and I find myself making rapid improvement in poses that are new to me. She also knows when it is time to move on so that attention is given to other parts of your body and nothing is neglected. My flexibility, strength and overall conditioning have greatly improved as a result and I find Kartini’s classes to be just as challenging (and even more enjoyable) even as my experience level increases. Kartini’s choice of music is perfect and she starts and ends her classes with insightful readings that encourage forgiveness, presence and love.”

Gregg A. Martin
You are a shining star who’s bright light illuminates the world

“Kartini, We are blessed to have you as a teacher at Veda Yoga! You are a shining star who’s bright light illuminates the world with your compassion eagerness to serve and contagious grateful attitude :), thanks for always giving your best, it tastes delicious :-P. I love you, Bhadram Te.”

Kumi Yogini
Founder Veda Yoga
It has been such a blessing teaching and learning with Kartini

“It has been such a blessing teaching and learning with Kartini. Her classes are warm, uplifting and inspiring. As a student in her classes we are guided and challenged in a playful, nurturing and loving manor. Kartini’s wisdom and spiritual knowledge are expertly weaved through from start to finish, as we learn how to tune in and really amplify the mind body connection. Kartini is one of a kind and shines so brightly, her loving instruction is truly a gift to us all. Namaste”

Amber Martin
Kartini is the perfect yoga teacher!

“Kartini is the perfect yoga teacher! Warm and loving energy, fun sequences, and always something new and interesting to learn. ”