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Goddess Lounge

The Goddess Lounge is a monthly gathering at Namaste Yoga Studio that began with the idea that all yogis should have a time to come together after practice. We want to encourage connections and nurture friendships in a welcoming space for all goddesses (and gods). After getting to know our students, we realized that everyone has so much to offer. From travel experiences, wellness practices, yoga tips and more, we find that everyone benefits from sharing our knowledge and thoughts. Namaste Studio is a place for everyone to come together and find their strength.

Our mission is to empower each other through love and compassion so that we may live side-by-side, honoring each other’s free will and self-expression. We encourage you to embrace the inner voice of your highest self and find the courage to get out of your comfort zone, where creativity and energy flows.

We practice with an open mind.
We believe there is strength in kindness.
And we know that life is richer when we experience it together.