Namaste Yoga is the realization of a dream to help others lead a healthy, balanced life by combining physical exercise with the spiritual work of self-acceptance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower each other through love and compassion so that we may live side-by-side, honoring each other’s free will and self-expression. We encourage you to embrace the inner voice of your highest self and find the courage to get out of your comfort zone, where creativity and energy flows.

We practice with an open mind.
We believe there is strength in kindness.
And we know that life is richer when we experience it together.

Our Expertise

Our 14 yoga teachers are dedicated to supporting you in all stages of your yoga journey. When you’re feeling adventurous, explore the playfulness of Acro-Yoga. When you crave healing, indulge in Yin Yoga with Massage.

And, of course, you can always sink into the moving meditation of Vinyasa Yoga, the sweat and strength of Power Yoga, and the comfort of Restorative Yoga. We’re also proud to be the only yoga studio in the area to offer Kids’ Yoga on Saturday afternoons.

Living beautifully.
Loving unconditionally.
Thriving together.

Namaste Yoga is nestled on a quiet corner in the lively Sawtelle neighborhood of West LA. Our doors are open 7 days a week. Stop by anytime for a drop-in yoga class, a sip of warm tea, or a friendly chat with your fellow yogis.


Kartini Wahyu

Kartini Legacy

I am using the gift of my voice to write. My intention is to inspire you to create a better relationship with yourself so that you will have a better relationship with others.

My vision is to speak and share my story to inspire. Dedicating my voice to those of you who are working in the factories, 9-5 & dead end jobs just to eat, just to feed your families, that you will be ok.

I am sharing the knowledge that I have found to be truth in my life.

Resilience Through Yoga and Meditation
In life, whatever you are going through, your yoga practice will always guide you in some way to continue to connect to your true self. 
Passport to Self-Discovery
A compilation of life-changing travel stories from extraordinary authors.